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City of Hoboken

Hoboken Ward Map

Hoboken Runoff Results

June 12, 2007  Hoboken Run-Iff Election Results  

Fourth Ward:
      Updated: June 14, 2007  Zimmer ahead of Campos by 6 votes after all votes counted and is the uncertified winner.  Expect some Court actions and a recount before the final verdict. 

Fifth Ward:
Cunningham  626
Belfiore 512

Sixth Ward:
Giacchi 441
Foley 324

Big Primary win for the Hudson County Democratic Organization

Big Primary win for the Hudson County Democratic Organization

Talk about pulling a rabbit out of a hat... The Hudson County Democratic Organization (HDOC) "A" ticket successfully won 9 of 13 seats up for grabs in the Hudson County Democratic primary.

Congratulations to County Executive Thomas DeGISE, Senator Nick Sacco, Senate candidate Sandra Cunningham, Sheriff Candidate Juan Perez, County Clerk candidate Barbara Netchert, Assembly candidate Anthony Chiappone, Assembly candidate L. Harvey Smith, Assemblywoman Joan Quigley, and Assemblyman Vincent Prieto.

The opposition ticket, Democrats for Hudson County (DFHC) won 3 seats in the 33rd District. Union City Mayor / Assemblyman Brian Stack won the nomination for State Senate seat while Hoboken Councilmen Ruben Ramos and West New York Commissioner Caridad Rodriguez get the party nod for the assembly.

Click HERE for preliminary results

Candidates for the Hoboken City Council Election, May 8, 2007

Hoboken City Council Election
May 8, 2007



RON ROSENBERG, 127 Bloomfield Street


ELIZABETH MASON, 921 Hudson Street

RICHARD TREMITIEDI, 2 Constition Court


FRANK RAIA, 450 Seventh Street

MICHAEL RUSSO, 10 Church Towers


CHRISTOPHER CAMPOS, 551 Observer Highway

FRED FRAZIER, 459 First Street

ANTHONY MUSSARA, 116 Jefferson Street

DAWN ZIMMER, 59 Madison Street


PETER PERRY BELFIORE, 161 Eleventh Street

MICHAEL CRICCO, 1024 Bloomfield Street

PETER CUNNINGHAM, 1009 Grand Street

SCOTT DE LEA, 1120 Clinton Street


THOMAS FOLEY, 632 Bloomfield Street

ANGEL "NINO" GIACCHI, 516 Hudson Street

WILLIAM NOONAN, 711 Garden Street

N.J. voting machines face twin challenge. A lawyer calls them uncertified. A professor calls them easy to rig

The electronic voting machines used in most of New Jersey were never properly inspected as state law demands, according to a new legal claim filed by voter rights activists. Had the machines been tested, they would have proved to be a hacker's dream, the activists say.

This week Newark attorney Penny Venetis, representing a coalition of plaintiffs, will ask a judge in Trenton to decommission machines used by 18 of the state's 21 counties.

Similar models of the computerized touch-screen machines made by an Oakland, Calif., company, Sequoia, are currently being tested by a Princeton University computer scientist, who says they easily could be rigged to throw an election.

Venetis filed legal papers Friday claiming the state never certified some 10,000 Sequoia AVC Advantage machines as secure or reliable as required by law.