Organized Crime Funding and Operational Development - A Study by Artur Victoria

Any organization, legal or illicit, has high costs, fixed and variables, for the operations, needing money for the development of their activities In general terms, in the world of the organized crime the liquidity of money is one of the main concerns

Organized Crime - The Mafia - A Study by Artur Victoria

The "MAFIA" is the paradigm of the organized crime You ally; there is who reduces the concept of this to the phenomena "MAFIA

Organized Crime - A Study By Artur Victoria

It is known that corruption and fraud usually appears as an action planed and strategically defined in its implementation in a society institutions and leaders The bribes have as their origin, powerful economic resources of group

The Coming Information War

Considering 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the ongoing Israeli/Palestinian crisis, we have to conclude that the next war we fight will be less about acquiring land, natural resources, capital or slaves and more about changing concepts, values and economics Terrorists say they are fighting to throw off western culture and political influence, not capture southern California

Cyprus Reunification: The Relationship of Turkey and the E.U

Turkey has always represented a point of interest for the balance of power in Europe When it was the Ottoman Empire its territories extended into Asia and Europe, converging with the Hapsburg empire - the other great historical European empire - in the Balkans

EBook Review: How to Make Your Vote Count by Arthur F. Woodrow

Authors are a strange beast, many of them think bulk over quality The likes of Tom Clancey and J

How Will Obama's Healthcare Plan Affect Black Men?

President Obama's healthcare plan is designed for all Americans However, African American citizens, especially men, have a huge stake in the passage of this bill known as the Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009

The Thriving Indian Democracy

India has a thriving democracy The Indian democracy is said to be very vibrant

Our TEA Party Moment - Why I Choose Thomas Paine

Our July 4th Freedom Day Tea Party was finally at hand My wife and I along with our staff and volunteers had spent untold hours preparing for this event

Obama Weathering the Storm of the Presidency

It was inevitable The honeymoon that President Barack Obama, and all other presidents, experienced has officially given way to criticism of his policies on the economy and health care to false rumors that he may not be a natural-born U

Kenneth Barnes' Mission, Gun Violence Prevention

 In the 70s, Kenneth Barnes, Sr and the late Mel Edwards, a WOL radio disc jockey, invented the Friday night go-go dances

Politicians Put The Car Into CO2

Car manufacturers are not yet meeting European Union targets on fuel efficiency and lower carbon dioxide emission on the majority of their new models, according to environmental campaigners A pan-European lobby group, Transport and Environment (T and E), has called the industry out for fighting against current EU legislation and, even more worryingly, proposed future limits

Climate Change And Politcs: Global Warming Continues Due To Too Much Hot Air?

All the way back in January 2004 Sir David A King, the Government

Political Jokes to Mull Over--And Which May Cost One's Job

Need some time out from work stress How about stepping out of the surreal world of work piles and deadlines awhile and take a deep breath of laughter in the jokey world of politics

Racial Profiling Cases on Center Stage After High-Profile Arrest

Regardless of what side you come down on regarding the recent incident involving the arrest of Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, it is one of those racial profiling cases that has propelled the issue back into the minds of average Americans Gates, a prominent Harvard professor, was arrested in his home in Cambridge, Massachusetts and charged with disorderly conduct after a neighbor called the police and reported that two men were trying to break into Gates' home

Black Politicians Face Pressure in New York

New York State has a historic track record with the caliber of Black politicians it has launched onto the national platform With congressional dynamos including the late Adam Clayton Powell Jr

The Horror of Socliazed Medicine

Ronald Reagan once said: "Freedom is always just one generation away from extinction We don

100th Anniversary Celebrated at NAACP Convention

On March 9, 1892 in Memphis, Tenn three successful African American businessmen were brutally lynched and accused of raping White women, when their actual

A Worldwide Anti Left Avalanche

A little over a month and a half ago the world watched with glee as India's voters buried their leftist parties, including that country's communist party, under the trash heap of history India set off an avalanche that is sweeping the globe

African Americans in Politics Endure Racial Insults From GOP

After the historic elections last year, the Republican Party seemed to be in a free fall The failed policies of President George W

Dear Activist

Response to an email from a well known activist Leader

Obama Approval Rating in First 100 Days

Whether you voted for him or not, few Americans can honestly say that on January 20th, they were not anxious to see how the first Black President of the United States would perform as leader of the free the world After recently completing his first 100 days in the Oval Office, the Barack Obama approval rating is extremely high for a leader faced with so much adversity from a devastating recession to two wars in the Middle East

Party Politics

Recently I've spent a lot of time on politically active sites I signed up for the free memberships so I could comment on the articles

Federal Agent and Intelligence Agency Analyst Jobs Move Toward a Southern Border Focus

Recent media reports have brought attention to the US

The G20 Forum and the Interests of Working People

Watching the protests and riots staged to coincide with the G-20 Forum in the United Kingdom might tempt you to view this as another battle in the long-running war between capital and labor But, that's not true

The End of Reason

I can't think of anything to write about I thought I would say the stuff that needed to be said and that would be it

Obama's Inspiration For African American Community

January 20, 2009 will be one of those days in American history that the African American community will always remember

Did Blair and His Labour Cronies Betray a Generation?

I returned to the UK in 2001 and it took me time to figure out what was going on in Britain If anything I was relieved to see the Labour party back in power: at least, I thought, they look after the people


The most important and historical decisions about Justice in Rome 4 November The Council of Europe took very important step to implement in every Country of the European Union reforms of legislation assuring the Court - impartiality - independence - and the first time concept of free assistance This principle was implemented in all national E

Public Interest Litigation

a) Vested interests Is possible for citizens to combat corruption to individual and systematic levels Actually is very difficult, including exposing oneself to personal and serious risks

The Value of the Law in Democracy

As already indicated, the role of law as a means of controlling behavior is very limited It is a weapon in the state

The Core Idea of Democracy

The first requirement is to remember the critical role of the legislature in the integrity system The essential insight of

Freedom of Information

One of the temptations of all government is to restrict Freedom of Information It sometimes seems that the strongest Freedom of information legislation is always the first Act, introduced by a reformist government before it has secrets to hide

Justification and Principle of the Law in Democracy

All laws need to be interpreted, and ambiguities and uncertainties are inevitable There are two ways of dealing with this

Lifestyle PR and the Obama Campaign

Environmentalists have used some very innovative media methods in major newspapers across the States and Canada to win over President Barack Obama to express their point about the Alberta

Senator John Sidney McCain III

Senator John Sidney McCain III, as you well know, is the Republican candidate for president But, you may not have heard some of his message

President Obama Drama Must Stop

On the night the President Obama was elected we witnessed the largest rainbow of all ethnic backgrounds and races come together for the joyous occasion On that night President Obama talked about how we have come far but we must continue to fight for the survival of our country

The Obama Team

President Barack Obama has assembled one of the most impressive teams to start off his presidency in the history of the United States The experience and knowledge possessed by his bi-partisan choices is phenomenal by most standards

The Slipper Tongue: The Ironic Story About Bush's Favorite Painting

George W Bush associated the title of his 1999 autobiography, A Charge to Keep, with a favorite work of art loaned to him by a childhood friend, Joseph I

Russ Limbaugh Said He Wanted Obama to Fail

America is now facing its biggest economic challenges since the great depression Last year, 2

A Nation United Through Its Diversity

On November 4th, 2008, my political party may not have won, but more importantly, our nation did To date, we took the largest leap forward on race relations while simultaneously distancing ourselves from an embarrassing and despicable time in our nation

The Root Of Saving America

America is in dire need of repair We are confronting the greatest fear we desperately attempt to avoid

Ending the Embargo Against Cuban Would be Good for the US Economy

For the first time in nearly fifty years the United States has an opportunity to normalize relations with Cuba The inauguration of President Barack Obama offers the chance for a clean break with the policies that have separated the US from our closest Caribbean neighbor

Counter Terrorism Training and Anti Terrorism Training: A Blended Approach is Key

The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) recently held a briefing with top counter terrorism and Middle East policy researchers and experts on the future of Iraq and the Obama administration Many of these experts agreed that the U

All About Charlotte's Congressman: Larry Kissell

Larry Kissell is a first term Congressman representing North Carolina's eighth district, the district that includes Charlotte So who is this man who is meant to keep Charlotte's interests at heart and represent us well this Congressional season

Economic Stimulus Package Plan

The Taxpayer's Dozen There are 12 areas of the economic stimulus package plan: Tax relief, child tax credit, jobless benefits, health care, energy, education, infrastructure, science and technology, law enforcement, jump start on jobs, business breaks and accountability To Democrats, this plan represents stabilizing the economy where it will see the most progress - helping people help themselves

Does America Still Need the Voting Rights Act?

On August 6, 1965 President Lyndon B Johnson signed one of the most important pieces of legislation in America

Football And Politics One Side And The Same As Cyprus Revives Reunification Attempts

Football is one of those things that is far more important that the immediate sum of its parts

Cyprus' Political Climate Change

Anybody contemplating purchasing a second, or replacement home abroad at the moment should be watching the current political manoeuvrings and goings on in Cyprus Cyprus has been divided into a Turkish Cypriot North, which accounts for one third of the island, and a Greek Cypriot south since 1974, when the installed Greek nationalist leader Nikos Sampson became de facto president of the island

Election Day 2008: A Time For Diversity

Since I am an advocate for diversity and equality everywhere, the USA presidential election had huge implications for our country and the rest of the world I love this country today

See the Promise in Our Future

It is difficult to open a magazine or newspaper without seeing an article, if not several articles, on the subject of Barack Obama His emergence as a Presidential candidate and on November 4, 2008 as President-Elect has captured the attention of the country and the world in a fashion never seen before

Obama to Attack Tax Havens

America and Europe face a pretty bleak 2009 as the world starts to feel the recession biting, and millions of people could be made unemployed And as unemployment rises and politicians see their poll ratings slip, part of the blame for the economic downturn will be put on tax havens, with astronomical sums being banded around of how much each country would benefit if tax havens didn't exist

Viva Fidel? Yes or No

The purpose of this article is not to blame specific individuals, but rather to open the eyes of those who are emotionally oblivious towards the truth All I ask is for you to look at an issue through every dimension

New Democracies

Political scientists have long argued that low levels of citizen support can pose serious problems for democratic systems because both the functioning and the maintenance of democratic politics are intimately linked with what and how citizens think about democratic governance This is not only the case for more mature democratic systems; it is equally true for systems undergoing democratic transitions

The Obama Administration Tries Making a Change

President Elect, Barack Obama has announced a job stimulus plan that is geared towards creating more jobs while providing individual states with much needed funding for highway maintenance projects As we all know, bridges and highways throughout the country are in need of repair and this plan seems to have gained favor among some that have spoken out against previous economic stimulus packages that have been executed thus far

The American Voting Public Won

During the last televised Presidential debate, Senator John McCain decried that the problems at voter registration charity ACORN (Association of Community Reform Now) would lead to undermining the fundamentals of democracy Eventual President Elect Barack Obama smiled and laughed at the vehement charges

Outside the Monetary Box

Our monetary woes are not going to go away by themselves One thing is certain, they will go away

Fabricating Terror

The Media has a way of portraying a terrorist as an Islamic fundamentalist who envies the rights and freedoms given to those who live in America I want you to diminish the subliminal and commercial images in you brain and open mindfully read this passage

Fabricate Terror

The Media has a way of portraying a terrorist as an Islamic fundamentalist who envies the rights and freedoms given to those who live in America I want you to diminish the subliminal and commercial images in you brain and open mindfully read this passage

Never Would Have Made It

When Africans first arrived in this country on slave ships, no one would have ever dreamed of this day During the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s when African Americans struggled to simply obtain the right to vote in this country, no one would have ever dreamed that this day would come during their lifetime

Where Do the Candidates Stand on Religious Faith?

In 2004, religious faith and values may have very well decided the election between President George W Bush and his Democratic rival John Kerry

Where Do the Candidates Stand on Energy Alternatives?

Over recent years, the sad reality that the planet is getting warmer and several world treasures have become endangered has made the search for energy alternatives an international priority Domestically, excessively expensive gas prices have further fueled the need for alternative energy solutions in order to lighten the load on Americans

Where Do the Candidates Stand on Immigration Laws?

Throughout the historic 2008 presidential campaign, Barack Obama and John McCain have disagreed and debated over issues such as the war in Iraq, the economy, and faith and values, rarely agreeing on a problem or solution However, when it comes to the need to reform United States immigration laws, both candidates seem to be on the same wavelength and both are determined to secure U

Where Do the Candidates Stand on Crime Prevention?

It is the American dream To buy a beautiful house with the white picket fence, and raise a family in a safe neighborhood, where crime is almost nonexistent was reality for many families of generations past but unfortunately has become wishful thinking in the 21st century

The Obama Cabinet - What Obama's Choices Say About Him

The Obama transition team, watching the financial crisis continue to deepen, realized they had to send quickly a message of assurance to try to bring stability to the markets Consequently a popular pick was chosen for the Secretary of Treasury: Tim Geithner, who has Wall Street's vote of confidence

There is Evidence That Bush Had Been Warned About 9/11 But Did Nothing About It

In October of 2000, al-Qaeda managed to blow a 40 ft by 40 ft hole in the side of USS Cole while it was at port in Yemen The terrorists were seeking a military confrontation with the United States, but the Cole bombing did not bring that result

Was Your Vote Tamper Evident?

Did you vote in the 2008 election If so, how safe do you think your vote was

Cyprus and Obama: Government Sends Support to President Elect

With the rigours of election taking its toll on Barack Obama, and the world weatching hopefully as he stepped up to deliver his winning speech as president elect and the first ever black president, Senator Obama could be forgiven for forgetting for a moment the little island of Cyprus, nestled away in the mediterrenean sea

Al-Qaeda Threat Tape to Obama and the War in Afghanistan

Days before elections Joe Biden, the Vice-President-elect, told campaign donors:

Should Congress Bail Out the Big Three?

Not even First Class is good enough for the CEOs of the biggest three automakers, Rick Wagoner of General Motors Corp, Alan Mulally of Ford Motor Co

Would Hilary Be at Her Best as Secretary of State?

If Hillary Rodham Clinton serves as a secretary of state, Clinton vetting would also include a closer look at Bill Clinton Obama's transition team has been carefully reviewing Bill Clinton

Open Letter to President Elect Obama

Dear President Elect Obama: As you have hopefully inspired many Afro Americans to aspire to greater goals; I have been inspired by George Bush and Sarah Palin I now believe that I am smart enough to be President

Hopefully President Obama Will Break A Few Campaign Promises

Although I did not vote for President Barack Obama, I wish him well and I hope that he is as successful as President Bill Clinton If Obama governs as a centrist as Bill Clinton did, he should not have any problem getting a second term

Cyprus Reunification Must Not be Forgotten

2008 has been a year of change For one, Cyprus reunification is now back on the agenda after the appointment of Dimitris Christofias to the presidency of the Republic of Cyprus, joining Mehmet Ali Talat to solve the disputes over Cyprus reunification

Cyprus Reunification - Why it is Important to the International Community

This week, Senator Barack Obama beat John McCain in the presidential elections for the USA, to become the first black president of the country Citizens of nations across the world are heralding the news as a triumph, calling the ascension of a citizen of African-American descent to the White House a 'world changing' event

President Obama : Clear Questions, Hard Answers

The last election brought some interesting changes to the USA You might say it brought "The Change" that some of us were looking for

What Might Obama do to Social Security Disability?

Barack Obama addressed close to 250,000 Americans at Grant Park on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 to give his acceptance speech As a result of winning 364 electoral votes (94 more than the 270 required to win), Obama is the newly-elected president of the United States

How to Stop the Spread of Radical Islam Without Firing a Shot

Osama bin Laden and his followers subscribe to a deviant, radical form of Islam that threatens not only America, but also much of the Western world The goal of radical Islam is world domination through global jihad

Barack Obama and Global Warming

Is anybody sure about the cause of global warming One thing is certain

Cool & Unique Barack Obama Apparel, Gifts & T-Shirts on Sale

Robert Walsh Kids Clothing announces the publication of their newest page,

Cyprus President Warns Of 'Chasing Illusions'

A row broke out in Cyprus this week between church and state President Christiofias, who has led the Greek Cypriots since February of this year, was publicly criticised by the Bishop of Paphos Georgios, who was speaking on behalf of Archbishop Chrystostomos, over his progressive attitude to the Cyprus Problem and his well known desire for reunification between the two sides

New Political Will Looks Toward Reunification Between South And North Cyprus

The property market in North Cyprus is undergoing serious changes at the moment, with the currently low property prices rising

Astrology & The Presidential Election: Obama VS McCain

Stepping into the world of political prediction is a murky arena for an astrologer I want you to know my personal position, I am for the good of all humanity, what I want is whoever wins to have a pure heart and intelligent mind, I want the candidate who will uplift and do what is right for the country, for all of humanity, and the planet

Obama Inverts Civil Rights

Have African-Americans considered all sides of an Obama presidency Ironically, it was southern Democrat mayors and governors who used police dogs, batons and fire hoses on peaceful civil rights marchers of the 1960

Where Do the Candidates Stand on U.S. Homeland Security?

The mere mention of 9/11 brings back vivid memories for most Americans Many can tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing when terrorists slammed airplanes into three American landmarks, killing thousands of innocent and unsuspecting people

Where Do the Candidates Stand on Education Reform?

Education was once the foundation of American society To advance in life, one saw receiving a quality education as the ticket to the middle-class and a comfortable life

ACORN's Voter Fraud?

You may have heard a lot about the so called "voter fraud" of the group ACORN lately I'm writing this article to clear up any misconceptions that you may have on this subject because there have been a lot of untrue things about this topic spread around by the GOP/Fox News & the McCain/Palin campaign

Unfounded Fears - What if Obama Doesn't Win?

What happens if Barack Obama doesn't win this election cycle Look, I know everyone is saying this a given, but what if

It's Just A Piece Of Paper: The Bush Administration's Disdain Towards The Constitution

There is one thing that both Republicans and Democrats can agree on during this contentious election cycle: The Bush Administration has completely undermined the US Constitution While most Republicans will not admit it publicly( I happen to be one of the ones that will

North Cyprus Reunification Heralds Duel Awards For Cyprus's Leaders

Property developers and investors consider North Cyprus to be the most attractive property market in Europe right now, with property prices starting low and already rising in line with the reunification talks that are going on between Demetris Christofias and the Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat

North Cyprus Properties Flourish Thanks to Revived Reunification Talks

North Cyprus has been divided from the rest of the island since 1974, and property prices in Northern Cyprus have not benefited to the same extent from the property boom which followed the Republic

Uncle Obama Wants You. Namely, The Middle-Class Poor

Grow From Middle-Class Poor to 'Zero Debt' to Rich in One Year October 5, 2008 - NEW YORK, NY

Where Do the Candidates Stand on the United States Economy?

It has been called Issue #1 It is on the front page of major newspapers across the country, as President Bush seeks passage of a $700 billion bailout plan for financial firms

The War in Afghanistan: History & Goals

The War in Afghanistan Once the communist government of Afghanistan fell in the year 1992, a civil war was being fought between various groups of fighters, the Mujahdeen, who were ant-communist It was in this chaotic realm that Mullah Mohammed Omar became a leader of a new fighting group

When Politics Come In Handy

Many people in modern society are very politically motivated They belong to a political group and as a result have strong opinions about most current events and topical issues, not surprisingly most of which are usually shared by all the other people who belong to the same group

Where Do the Candidates Stand on Health Care?

Throughout the historic 2008 presidential campaign, much attention has been given to the personalities of the candidates Many know that John McCain survived a horrific ordeal as a POW in Vietnam