NJ State Court System

Court system expands public access to court records

Supreme Court Justice Barry T. Albin

The public will have more access to court records under a new rule adopted by the state court system, Supreme Court Justice Barry T. Albin announced Wednesday.

The rule change makes more court records available at public access computer terminals in courthouses statewide. It calls for posting on the Internet information about every civil case on file, as well as details about all criminal convictions. The court system will create a permanent advisory committee on public access, launch a public education effort on issues related to open court records, and address the availability of electronic records and other access issues.

"Some of our recommendations are intended to ensure that the judiciary provides free, readily available electronic access to court records wherever appropriate, while others take into account that in today's world of instant access to electronic information litigants need a certain measure of protection from unnecessary disclosure of their financial and other personal records," Justice Albin said Wed nesday. "In some instances, the rule and our recommendations simply reaffirm longstanding policies regarding the public's right to access court records in every court throughout the system."