Hoboken Board of Education

While most Hoboken residents settled into and savored the last remaining dog days of summer, Mayor Dave Roberts continued to shakeup the Hoboken political landscape. 

At the Tuesday, September 7th Hoboken Board of Education meeting, board members appointed community activist RON ROSENBERG to the board.  ROSENBERG replaces 12 year board veteran DAVID ANTHONY who resigned his elected board position to become the board Secretary.

During the previous week, the political rumor mill was churning at full speed with talk of board member DAVID ANTHONY's resignation and ROSENBERG's appointment to the vacated seat.  While most longtime political observers barely raised an eyebrow, a meeting in the Mayor's CIty Hall conference room erupted into a heated debate between DAVID ANTHONY and the school board president CARMELO GARCIAGARCIA suffered a broken hand when he punched a door in a moment of anger.

At the Board meeting JOHN MADIGAN, who is a Hoboken parent, acting PTO President of the Calabro School, and a Board of Education employee, said "It is clearly illegal" referring to the David Anthony appointment.  Madigan went on to say that Board discussions should take place before the public, or else patronage and political deal-making runs rampant.

The highlight of the evening was a statement made by Board member Jack Raslowsky who said, "I think there is a need for us all to have some honesty and transparency with this." But he added that there has long been a political aspect of governance that involves discussion between board members.

He said many of the people who were critical of the board Tuesday have been guilty in the past of benefiting from the political process.

"The political process was fine when we were running for election, the political process was fine when we sought out endorsements, but now all of the sudden it's dirty and problematic," he said. "You can't have it both ways."

It was amazing how the room immediately settled down after Jack's words.  Funny how a little self reflection can work wonders.    

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Teachers Pet
Said this on 9-24-2005 At 10:57 pm
Ed, you have been around a long time. Cut to the chase and tell it like it is. Garcia was promised the job running the Housing Authority. When that didn't happen, he has been trying to tighten his grip on the school board. Nope, that ain't gonna work. We had enough of him and the schools will be better off without him.
gloria casiano
Said this on 9-12-2006 At 08:59 am
Goodmorning my comment is about Theresa Minutillo breast feeding her baby at a meeting i myslef fine notting wrong with it i think more mothers all over should have the priviledge of this bond with mother & child.As long as she is covered i see no reason to feel uncomfortable.

ps good luck to you and GABRIELA
Said this on 7-8-2011 At 12:12 pm
Hey, that's the gereatst! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

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