Proud to be a Hoboken resident

Proud to be a Hoboken resident
Dear Hoboken Reporter:

Hoboken is a unique urban environment, featuring the best of the "old world" and the invigorating spirit of a new generation. Our streets are abundant with residents of all ages and we continue to embrace the traditions of our founding over 150 years ago.

Mayor David Roberts held true to our diverse culture and that is why I supported him for reelection last year. Moreover, I have always been intrigued by the Mayor's vision for Hoboken's future and his commitment to developing a community-based Master Plan with special detail to the creation of open space and the maintenance of existing public properties.

I am delighted that Mayor Roberts has stayed true to this ambitious plan. There has been much said about creating open spaces and there has been so much done. Hopefully, soon we will see the build out of a recreation center and pool, plans for park space for 1600 Park Avenue and Maxwell Place, as well as the ground breaking for Pier C Park.

This being said, as a long time urban dweller, I am happy that the focus is now in our City's southwest sector. This long neglected neighborhood has experienced a building boom and the presence of families. A park is sorely needed here.
I urge all residents to understand the need for recreation opportunities in our southern gateway, especially as Observer Highway and surrounding roadways are redeveloped. The southwest redevelopment study is sorely needed and I appreciate our Mayor's ongoing commitment to current and future generations.

Our town is moving in the right direction, even in a non-election year. I am proud to be a Hoboken resident.

Drew Edwards

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Lookie What I found
Said this on 8-8-2006 At 12:28 am
5107. Drew Edwards: Menendez Croney
by SpeaksFrank, 8/6/06 8:09 ET
That sappy letter from "Drew Edwards" Kissing the Mayors B-hind is just a political operative of Bob Menenez and Democrats 2000. A typical Yuppie doesn't just write a letter spewing a laundry list of Roberts achievements just for the heck of it.Maybe they would support him, but not use the same phraseology that Bill Campbell uses on the City Hall Web Site!
Said this on 8-8-2006 At 12:30 am
by Dontlie, 8/6/06 11:35 ET
Re: Drew Edwards: Menendez Croney by SpeaksFrank, 8/6/06
The Public Relations machine that the developers money has bought "da boss" always pushes the cool aid drinkers to write (or given a little help...LOL) the Hoboken Reporter.
It shows how afraid the are of public opinion. This fourm included...delete...

This latest flurry of fluff is because soooo much bad news has been spewing from Hoboken City Hall....


The truth is not good so for the boy$....

They need to distance themselves from all the mess....It ain't my fault I have only been in control for five years...

If "da boss's" crew doesen't hold the the majority in the city council in the May elections he has effectivly lost his power.No power, no campaign contributions and it is bye bye......

So look foward to many suck up letters BUT remember most are just that and don't reflect the true will of the electorate..

Hoboken deserves better.

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