North Hudson Sewage Authority says City of Hoboken responsible for $ 473,517.00 past due Hospital sewage charges

North Hudson Sewage Authority says City of Hoboken responsible for $ 473,517.00 past due Hospital sewage charges.

In a continuing case of déjà vu, it looks like the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority may have once again exposed the Hoboken taxpayers to legal liabilities associated with the Hudson Healthcare, Inc. bankruptcy.

In a September 13, 2011 Federal Bankruptcy Court filing, the North Hudson Sewage Authority asserts that the HOBOKEN MUNICIPAL HOSPITAL AUTHORITY is responsible for unpaid sewage charges in excess of $ 473,517.00.

In the Court document, the North Hudson Sewage Authority states:

Upon information and belief, (and review of the records of the Hudson County Register), the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority (“HMHA”) owns the property to which NHSA provided sewerage services. In addition, the NHSA has only billed the HMHA since the HMHA acquired the property.

Consequently, HMHA is the entity liable for payment of the sewerage charges.

HMHA is not a debtor in the within bankruptcy case subject to and protected by the automatic stay provisions of 11 U.S.C Section 362.

As of this date, there are outstanding sewerage services charges due and owing resulting from the connection of the hospital property to NHSA’s conveyance and treatment system.

As the owner of this property, HMHA is liable to NHSA for any and all outstanding sewerage service charges. Given that same have not been paid as when due, there is no reason that NHSA should not be able to initiate such collection efforts including state or federal court collection litigation to collect any and all outstanding pre- or post petition sewerage service charges due by HMHA as property owner and clear statutory obligor of this debt.   See NORTH HUDSON SEWERAGE AUTHORITY.pdf

This latest revelation comes on the heels of OLYMPUS AMERICA, INC. who is seeking $ 372,861.08 from the City of Hoboken with respect to the Hudson Healthcare, Inc. bankruptcy. See OLYMPUS COURT FILING.  

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