Join me in my choice & vote for Mike Russo for mayor

Join me in my choice & vote for Mike Russo for mayor
05/09/2005  HR

Dear Editor:

As elected officials, we are often asked to speak on behalf of candidates. For me, every one of these opportunities is a privilege and an honor. I take great pride in my choice for Hoboken's next Mayor Mike Russo.

I am also proud to call Mike my cousin, godson, friend, council colleague, but that's not why I am voting for him. If family and friends were the criteria for voting, in a town as small as Hoboken, we all would be hard pressed to pull the lever for just one person. There is a long list of Mike's impressive accomplishments both personal and professional. Beginning with achieving Eagle Scout rank in the early years, than his outstanding academic career, leading to a Master's Degree in Physical Therapy and his being elected to the seat of Councilman of the third ward.

If I had to talk about just one of Mike's most outstanding traits, it would be leadership. Mike has an innate sense of seizing the attention of a room and concluding the issue. That alone is a very special quality.

Now, added to the list, Mike is seeking to be elected Mayor of our City. He has chosen for his running mates Genevy Dimitrion, Manny Ortega, and Brian Keller, a team of very dynamic professional individuals.

I am voting for Mike Russo 3A, Genevy Dimitrion 19B, Manny Ortega 20B, and Brian Keller 21B for the same reason, I urge everyone with a stake in Hoboken's future to do the same. Mike takes action. Mike makes things happen. Mike delivers. Mike will be a great Mayor.

Theresa Castellano
1st Ward Councilwoman

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