Helen Hirsch: City’s lack of transparency leaves questions

City’s lack of transparency leaves questions
October 9, 2011  Letter to the Editor - Hudson Reporter

Dear Editor:

Mayor Zimmer who, with promises of reform, has waved the banner of openness and integrity, has used every technique and opacity of secrecy in the book to hide the facts concerning the choice of the owners of the Bayonne University Medical Center as the only possible candidates as purchasers of HUMC.

When she became involved in the Hoboken Hospital Authority she did nothing to pull the raps of the organization which was established to outwit the legal requirements of a public body to make operations open to the public. She continues this code of secrecy to this day.

Why Bayonne? There are other bidders with as much and more money than Bayonne offered. Why Bayonne? Bayonne states in the Certificate of Need that in order to make the operation profitable it will eliminate charity services and reduce the staff.  And what is magical about five to seven years? What entity and who is to serve the people of Hoboken and the surrounding neighborhoods in 2019? It is obvious why the concept of Deed Restriction was rejected: the buildings at 122 Clinton Street will undoubtedly be “luxury condos” before the Bayonne group closes shop and moves on to another project.  The only real secret is who will care for the Hobokenites and neighbors who do not have insurance and cash.

Will the Mayor, who has endorsed the Governor, go against his strict Republican social policies which do not make Governmental contributions for those most in need of social services? Will the Mayor make arrangements for a tax to care for the sick in Hoboken and neighboring towns?

Helen Hirsch

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